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Services & Support

TNN Associates can access a huge range of services and support. We can also provide one on one response to particular queries or service requests so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Auspice Services

Theatre Network NSW provides auspice services so that you can apply for funding, projects and other opportunities. Please look through the FAQs and get in touch.

Resource Sharing

Got sets, props, costumes, furniture, office equipment or other things you need or need to get rid of? Check out TNN’s Share, Swap ‘n’ Sell page and you’ll have the job done in no time TNN.Share.Swap.Sell

Looking for data or case studies to support your proposal or funding application? Looking to learn from what has already been done or do you have something you’d like to share with the sector? Need a decent how-to guide? The TNN Library puts it all in one spot.

You can view a selection of our library online at R&D Resources or contact TNN directly to access a research reports, templates, policies, and procedures that our theatre sector uses every day or just once in a while.


Funding, Partnerships and Development Advice

Our advice is free and only a quick call or email away – our networks save you precious time and energy.

TNN can assist with advice on funding, partnerships, insurance and business support, career or organisational development and much more. Often it is as simple as putting you in touch with the right person for your needs at the right time. Sometimes it might lead to an entire new program, event or service.


Theatre Network NSW advocacy operates at all levels: in community, across the state, and nationally. Some previous examples of our work include workshops and submissions around the 2015 Parliamentary Inquiry into the Impact of the 2014 and 2015 Commonwealth Budget decisions on the Arts (Your voice counts), and 2016’s #istandwiththearts (NSW Theatre istandwiththearts Campaign). Ultimately advocacy is built into nearly everything that TNN does. We respond to both individual and all-of-industry issues.

News and Networks

Monthly E-News (TNN News) and other sector alerts direct to your inbox. Associates will receive e-news direct to their inbox the first month after they’ve joined.

Five on Friday (Five on Friday Example) research surveys are a quick and effective tool TNN uses to gauge opinions and build important industry data.

You can stay engaged by following, sharing, or commenting on our Facebook & Twitter.


TNN hosts both formal and informal events across the year. These are open to Associates (free or Associate pricing) and non-Associates (Non-Associate pricing). For more information on these go to TNN Events