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Services & Support

Theatre Network NSW was established to connect services and support to the diverse NSW theatre sector. This page lists the services we provide to TNN members and the broader community. If there's something you'd like to see that isn't here, we'd be happy to hear from you.


Resource Sharing

Got sets, props, costumes, production equipment, venues, furniture, office equipment or other odds ‘n’ ends you need or need to get rid of? We’ve created a Share, Swap ‘n’ Sell group on Facebook to enable our members to do exactly that. If you’re a TNN member, head over to Facebook and ask to join. Not a member? You can sort that out here.

Up-to-date information, relevant sector research, and strong networks are fundamental tools for our sector's development. Along with our own research, TNN partners with a range of peers and stakeholders to collect and disseminate resources that TNN members can use. Get in touch via our contact page to access research reports, templates, policies, procedures and industry guidelines.

Funding, Partnerships and Development Advice

TNN can assist with advice on funding, partnerships, insurance and business support, career or organisational development and much more. Our advice is free for members and only a quick call or email away – our networks save you precious time and energy.


Research and Advocacy are critical to our sector's support and development. TNN stays abreast of and works tirelessly to build capacity in our sector and to promote the value of theatre and our sector.

TNN currently facilitates three sector working groups with particular focuses:

  • NSW Theatre Producers Advisory Group (past work includes: I Stand With the Arts NSW, Code of Behaviour to Prevent Sexual Harassment & Abuses of Power)
  • NSW Performing Arts Wellbeing Advisory Group (past work includes: How Can The Show Go On: Performing Arts Wellbeing Summit)
  • NSW Independent Theatre Advisory Group
  • Wake Up! Imagine Better: Theatre & Environment Advisory Group NSW

These groups meet throughout the year, sharing information and working on key opportunities and issues. If you are interested in finding out more about any of these groups and their activities please get in touch.

News and Networks

Monthly E-News (TNN News) and other sector alerts or invitations direct to your inbox. You can join our mailing list here

You can stay informed by engaging with us on Facebook & Twitter.


Facilitating forums and meetings or participating in sector gatherings is also an important way to maintain engagement with stakeholders, consult with peers and community, and raise discussion and opportunities around emerging themes.  In our busy sector, TNN knows that we need multiple ways to stay in touch, overcome burnout or isolation, and generate excitement and strength. TNN hosts both formal and informal events across the year. For more information on these go to TNN Events.

Many of these events are developed in partnership with peers and stakeholders. If you have a suggestion please get in touch.