How Can the Show Go On? Performing Arts Wellbeing Summit is a one day summit to be held at Sydney Opera House on the 13th November 2017. This event is produced by Theatre Network NSW with support from the NSW Performing Arts Wellbeing Working Group*, and Create NSW, and Sydney Opera House.

The purpose of the event is: To raise awareness, share information, and generate cross-industry action around the wellbeing of performing arts and screen workers in NSW.

How Can The Show Go On? is a call to action. The program is not designed just for listening.  It is a summit with a specific call to action to you as an active participant in our sector’s wellbeing. We want you to ask yourself how you can make effective wellbeing changes as an individual, as an organisation, and in collaboration with others. We ask you to commit to considering what actions you could take through the connections available to you during the summit but also after the summit ends.


Registration: $35  per person (includes morning/afternoon tea & lunch) via Sydney Opera House

When: Monday, 13th November 2017

Time: 9am to 5.30pm (with yoga session at 8am)

Where: Studio Theatre, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, NSW

Summit Structure: A one-day summit featuring keynotes from leaders in the field as well as workshops, panels, working groups, inspiring examples and opportunities for reflection, commitment and action.

Access: TNN is committed to providing access for all to attend this event. Please contact us and we will endeavour to assist in meeting your access needs.

Travel Subsidy for those living or working in regional or remote NSW: Now closed. 

Audience: individuals and companies/organisations from performing arts and screen sector in NSW. Speakers and participants will come from across the all areas of performing arts and wellbeing sector including:

  • those working independently or in the small to medium sector of our industry;
  • our emerging artists who are the future of our industry and who have the potential to make much-needed, positive change in this area of our industry’s culture;
  • both commercial and subsidised performing arts;
  • all aspects of performing arts and screen employment: creative, performing, production, technical, management, administration, volunteer performing arts workers;
  • Significant family members/partners of arts workers and artists.

Context:  In early 2016 Entertainment Assist released significant research findings on the high rates of mental illness and suicide for workers in the Australian entertainment industry. Sadly, this report reflected other research findings and what many of us working in the industry already knew from personal experience. Theatre Network NSW (TNN) liaised with its stakeholders as well as key organisations working in this area to determine what action could be developed to ensure better wellbeing for our sector. In late 2016, (TNN) established a working group* to map and identify key actions and to develop support from Create NSW and Sydney Opera House. That working group is responsible for this summit which provides the first major opportunity in NSW for those working in the performing arts and screen to come together to discuss and develop shared commitment to improving industry wellbeing.

Event Themes:

  • This is an all-of-industry conversation to collaboratively explore and commit to action that ensures the show can go on without the wellbeing of those integral to the show paying the price. Through this forum, the sector can begin to map and plan how the performing arts can perform better and what resources and partnerships will be integral to doing just that.
  • The event includes case studies and stories of wellbeing support from across the sector that provide a source of inspiration, information, and ideas from which the sector can build awareness, momentum and buy-in for improved NSW support for performing arts wellbeing.
  • This summit is not just about support platforms once wellbeing issues are identified but also about self-help and pre-emptive solutions that increase sector resilience and reduce the occurrence of wellbeing issues in the first place.

The event will be recorded with key findings transcribed so that they can be developed into resource material.

*NSW Performing Arts Wellbeing Group members includes:

  • Jane Kreis, Theatre Network NSW
  • Mark Seton, University of Sydney, Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare (ASPAH), & Australian Actors Wellbeing Study
  • Bethwyn Serow, Australian Major Performing Arts Group
  • Penny Watts, Monkey Baa
  • Judith Bowtell, Milk Crate Theatre
  • Irene Lemon, Magic Electricity Box & Creative Plus Business
  • Michelle Silby, Ausdance NSW/VIC
  • Emily Collins, Music NSW
  • Helen O'Moore, (ACFIPS) NSW Creative Industries Training Advisory Body
  • Morwenna Collett, Accessible Arts NSW
  • Gill Perkins & Imogen Gardam, Bell Shakespeare
  • Yolande White & Suzie Franke, CDP Productions
  • Jenny Muldoon & Angela Bateman, Sydney Opera House
  • Kingston Anderson, Australian Directors Guild & Australian Screen Directors Authorship Collection Society.

For more information contact Jane Kreis, Director, Theatre Network NSW


Mobile: 0409 814 067

This event is supported by Create NSW