The Australian Not-for-Profit Workforce Study is the largest ever research study on and for NFP organisations, and all their employees and volunteers. All findings will be freely shared. It’s to help organisations like ours and yours, those you support and those that support you.

National Research

The Australian Not-for-profit Workforce Study is the leading research into the opportunities and challenges of working in the Australian NFP sector. It invites all organisations, employees and volunteers to participate. The research will inform practice, policy, and funding on staff development, well-being, work engagement, careers, and impact.

  • Supports NFP people, organisations and leadership through actionable insights
  • Informs policy about ways to improve NFP sustainability and success
  • Addresses funding to better invest in NFP capacity for greater impact

Participate & Get Free Workforce Analytics

Participating organisations get access to state-of-the-art free workforce analytics to learn about and improve staff management and satisfaction, become better employers, and offer improved services. Industry benchmarks show how you compare to over 30 key metrics that matter for people, performance and purpose.

  • Learn about yourself, your health, and your work via the Personal Analytics Report immediately obtained
  • Understand and better manage your staff via the free Workforce Analytics Dashboard
  • Compare your organisation to over 30 industry benchmarks that matter for people, performance, purpose

The research is led by Learning for Purpose, the Centre for Social Impact, involving three Australian universities, and funded by the Australian Research Council. Data is used for research purposes only, securely stored, strictly confidential and subject to legal restrictions. Approved by the UWA Human Research Ethics Committee (RA/4/1/8885).

We urge you to participate in this important study and to help advance the sector. Please also share the news!

Participation is open until 31st October 2017. It’s for you!


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