Before a quick and quiet break over the Christmas and New Year period TNN’s Director and Board got together to welcome new board members Ben Kay and Ali Murphy-Oates and review the organisation as a whole.

Ben Kay, TNN Board Member
Ali Murphy-Oates, TNN Board Member

Coming to the end of its second year as an incorporated entity, Theatre Network NSW had a long, hard look at the year that was and stepped forward to consider the organisation’s values and principles as we head into 2017.

We’d like to share some of the outcomes of this lively, collaborative and thought-provoking planning session:

TNN’s 2017 Value Statement

“With courage and insouciance, we lead inclusive representation and new thinking in our sector”

The principles to guide the organisation for 2017 

  • Empower and be led by those who are working in different ways
  • Be solution focused
  • Be prepared to let go of the old, and that which isn’t working
  • Be on the lookout for positive change and amplify it

The outlook for 2017 remains firm and yet always responsive to the diversity and shifting dynamics inherent in our sector

Advocacy: Advocacy and lobbying to governments about the Sector

  • Leverage entire network in NSW, including the politically important areas of western Sydney and Regional NSW to place political pressure for change
  • Continue to tell the important story and stories about the value of what the sector does

New Models

  • TNN becomes part of the research into new models of sustainability “a new voice about culture”
  • Scan the sector for pockets of innovation

NSW Focus

  • TNN to advocate about diversity and empowerment with government and the sector

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