Playwriting Australia is launching a new creative program for playwrights and their creative partners, and we want your submissions!

Playwriting Australia aims to provide playwrights at all levels of their careers with time, space and creative guidance to explore and refine their work. Duologue is a new program, which will champion midcareer and established writers, the most overlooked sector of the playwriting community. Creative collaboration with dramaturgs, or other artists, is crucial to a successful process. Duologue is a program which is designed to encourage and facilitate successful creative partnerships, for the development of new work. We are inviting playwrights to apply for a year-long creative partnership with a dramaturg or creative artist of their choosing. It might be an artist you have a long-standing relationship with, it might be someone you’re keen to start working with. The partnerships will be able to design, with PWA, the way they would like to work over this year-long development. You may choose to focus on one particular play, you may want to develop a number of projects. You may want to work with one of PWA’s resident artists, you may want to work with someone external to PWA.

Follow this link to submissions and more info

Source: Duologue Submissions Now Open | Playwriting Australia


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