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TNN would like to warmly welcome Circus Network Australia who launched just this month and already have over 500 registered on its network.

Why don’t you have a look to and get the word out there. Here’s the lowdown from Circus Network itself:

This Network is a place to discussdebatesupport and share ideas relating to ALL parts of the Australian Circus community.

It is a forum that recognises the importance of the entire Circus ecosystem, from Australia’s rich tradition of touring family tent Circus, (of which there are more than a dozen currently operating), right through the many ‘new’ circus companies and theatrical, dance, art and comic iterations of Circus both large and small. From the overdue acknowledgment of the Indigenous and First Nations Circus contribution to the sector, and the continued desire to get more diversity on some of our circus stages, through to the boom in ‘social circus’ and ‘youth circus’ and the development of hybrid circus forms and street performance.

Think of it like a complex forest. Each of these variations on the artform have a unique position in this ecosystem. The health of each depends on the health of all. While each element is different, we all share an enormous amount of common ground.  Safety, Audiences, Innovation, Discipline, Humour, Injury Management, Irreverence, Collaboration, Virtuosity, Variety, Sustainability, Hard Work, Danger and Respect to name just a few. It goes without saying that we should ALL make shows that are as different and unique as possible, but lets face it, some solidarity makes it all a bit easier!

This Forum is a place to connect on our common ground, and discuss the areas of difference, with the long-term objective of connecting the entire community together in a supportive way. That doesn’t mean we all have to agree, but hopefully we understand and respect each other’s positions and the reasons we hold those positions.

We expect participants in this forum to be respectful of each other and honest about their identity.

Source: Welcome to the CircusNet Forum- read this first! – Circus Network Australia


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