This recently released Creative Partnerships report is a great resource for our theatre sector to reflect on as we look to develop more sustainable ways of operating and creating work.

But this recent article on cultural philanthropy in the UK  also gives TNN pause for thought on where the majority of arts philanthropy goes, where philanthropy is needed, and better tell the story of philanthropy and its role in theatre.

Private sector support grows for the arts in Australia The Bureau of Communications and Arts Research (BCAR), in collaboration with Creative Partnerships Australia, has released new analysis on private sector support for Australia’s vibrant arts and culture sector. Share: 27 June 2017 Our paper, Private sector support for the arts in Australia, highlights the essential role of philanthropy and corporate sponsorship in the sustainability of the creative sector and provides the first estimate of private sector support to the arts in Australia since 2009–10.The analysis estimates that private sector support to the arts in Australia has increased since 2009–10 from $221.1 million to between $268.5 million and $279.8 million in 2015–16.

Source: Private sector support grows for the arts in Australia | Department of Communications and the Arts


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