What has been on our minds?

Here is a summary of the responses from Theatre Network NSW’s March 2018 survey
Breakdown of survey respondent work types

What has put a smile on our faces?

Being buoyed by creative growth (artistic and professional) was cited by over half of the respondents as putting a smile on their faces. The other major reason for smiling faces in our sector were because of improved funding or employment stability or because of improvements, however temporary, in income.

What are our concerns?

Respondents major concerns at work or in the sector more broadly didn’t change from 2017 to 2018. The two key areas of concern that remain still are:
  • Fragmentation of resources and financial instability and the impact of these on individual and industry wellbeing;
  • Industry Culture and HR concerns (including but not limited to sexual harassment, mental health).

Where to from here?

When asked what would increase work satisfaction survey respondents were clear:
While the overall vision of respondents was to improve cultural vibrancy through our industry’s creative strengths (artistic and business creativity), the longing for financial stability – individual and collectively across the industry – came through very clearly in the survey findings. Changes to industry culture in areas were also heavily cited and included: better recognition on stage of cultural diversity; gender parity; improvements in work culture that reduce stress, burn out and harassment and improve wellbeing.

A huge thank you to those who took part in the survey for your time, consideration, and honesty. #wecanbebetter


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