Our industry truly works above and beyond the limits. A beautiful and fragile thing to behold.

In the lead up to TNN’s major event for 2016 ‘Beyond The Limits‘ we’ve been talking with our panellists and participants about their w
ork at Artlands as well as their work, careers, and communities within the national context.

The moment is ripe for this conversation and is relevant not just to those living or working in regional locations but to our entire live performance industry because it is about how we, as performance makers, talk about, channel and value what we do. The best way to prepare for such a rigorous conversation is to get out and see each other’s work. And Artlands is making it very easy for you to do that. So if you’re in Dubbo make sure you get as much of the regional showcase into your system before we get together on

Saturday 29th October at the Dubbo RSL Theatrette at 2pm

(Beyond The Limits event info and attendance)

Much of what is on offer at the Festival is open to the public but some performances are Artlands Delegate only or ticketed so have a look through the whole Artlands Dubbo 2016 website for more info or get in touch with TNN if you have any questions about attendance or access.


If there’s one thing we excel at in regional Australia, it’s producing some of the best theatre going round. ARTLANDS will be showcasing some of the best we have on offer with several performances throughout the duration of the festival.

Celebrating 25 years of performance, Circus West in collaboration with Stalker Theatre Company will be putting on a special performance for delegates and the community in Victoria Park on Thursday evening. Produced by Performing Lines, award winning choreographer Ghenoa Gela with dancers brings The Winds Of Woerr across the ARTLANDS precinct.

Acrobat will bring the Federal Arts Response Team (F.A.R.T.) to ARTLANDS on both Friday and Saturday whilst The Useless Assembly and RealArtWorks Inc. perform their interactive show The Singularity (Noise Opera) on Friday at the Old Dubbo Gaol.

Northern Rivers Performing Arts (NORPA) will perform a special showing (delegates only) of Three Brothers on Friday afternoon as part of the ARTLANDS Conference Program. BASIN, produced by Eastern Riverina Arts will be performed in special delegates only shows on both Friday and Saturday.

The Echo In Our Walls from Outback Theatre For Young People on Friday afternoon will feature the key ensemble of young actors who will perform short scenes and monologues from the performance that resulted from this project.

fLiNG Physical Theatre bring We Will Come To The Rescue to ARTLANDS following a successful regional tour across south eastern NSW. Exploring and embracing the themes and clichés of the Superhero genre, We Will Come to the Rescue showcases the dance, physical theatre and gymnastic skills of fLiNG Physical Theatre’s young performers at two ticketed performances on Friday and Saturday nights.

Also on the Friday and Saturday evenings, Lingua Franca Dance & Physical Theatre leap back onto the stage with their latest full-length show (ticketed), Unsustainable Behaviour.

Created and devised by Moogahlin Performing Arts with Linden Wilkinson, This Fella, My Memory will be performed for delegates as part of the ARTLANDS Conference Program on Friday afternoon at the Dubbo Regional Theatre.

TNN looks forward to seeing you there!


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