With our sector’s wellbeing firmly on TNN’s agenda, Jane Kreis took the opportunity to get all the details on Arts Centre Melbourne’s ‘Arts Wellbeing Collective’ last week so that NSW might be able to develop its own platform.

Tracy Margieson, Arts Wellbeing Collective’s Project Coordinator with Arts Centre Melbourne, met with Jane to explain how it all works. Built on Positive Psychology models the program focuses on addressing performance industry specific needs proactively – providing support in the workplace before ,rather than simply after, issues arise. And it does this through a professional yet collaborative framework with strong partnerships from industry and beyond. The focus is not on mental health literacy (which is widely available through wonderful organisations like Black Dog and Entertainment Assist)

The official launch of the Arts Wellbeing Collective is TODAY Thursday 9 February at 1:30pm. You can find out more by accessing the website after the launch.

TNN, and its voluntary NSW Theatre Wellbeing Group, has invited the Wellbeing Collective team to present at a NSW-based theatre wellbeing forum to be held later this year where we’ll all get a chance to share what we are doing in this field and consider how NSW might develop its own industry-wide initiative. If you’re interested in finding out more simply get associated and you’ll get updates via e-news or register your interest with Jane at TNN.

The Arts Wellbeing Collective is an Arts Centre Melbourne initiative, delivered in partnership with Entertainment Assist. The Arts Wellbeing Collective comprises a consortium of Victorian arts and cultural organisations whose shared vision is to effect better mental health and wellbeing for Victorian arts workers. Collective partners have recognised need for the creation of formal networks within the industry – linking people together to improve wellbeing and combat mental health issues in the sector collectively and systemically, rather than addressing them individually. Importantly, Collective members identified a need to establish a program that was practical, flexible and accessible – designed and delivered by experts who understand the unique environmental pressures of the arts industry – employing high-calibre, creative content tailored to arts professionals.

Source: Arts Wellbeing Collective | Arts Centre Melbourne


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