Lindy Hume and Currency House are putting their words into actions and taking to various locations around Australia to launch Lindy’s Platform paper ‘RESTLESS GIANT: CHANGING CULTURAL VALUES IN REGIONAL AUSTRALIA’.

Already launched in Candelo and Bundaberg tonight Lindy will present at NORPA in Lismore 09/02/17 – 5.30 for 6pm – Lismore City Hall, 1 Bounty St, Lismore, NSW with other states and venues to follow.*

For those of you who were able to attend TNN’s Regional Theatre Forum, Beyond The Limits, you will begin to understand some of the incredibly important ideas that Lindy raises in her Platform Paper.

Based on her experience of working regionally, nationally and internationally, she said she had formed a view of a “disconnect” between metropolitan artists and regional artists. Ms Hume said the two sectors “ran parallel but separate to each other” and there was a need for “a more integrated metro-regional cultural landscape”.”For decades a rather beige rhetoric has perpetuated, a folksy, parochial, public image of the arts in regional Australia,” she said. “You say ‘regional artists’ and you think RM Williams boots, you think a certain aesthetic and you think a certain personality, and what I’m seeing is that is inaccurate.”Above all, Ms Hume said, there needed to be a change in a “metro-centric mindset of regional arts being in a junior relationship”.

Source: Theatre luminary Lindy Hume calls for ‘counter-urban’ regional arts revolution – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

*20/02/17 – 6.30pm – Helen Macpherson Smith Theatre, at the Arts Academy, Camp Street, Ballarat Central, VIC

21/02/17 – 6.30pm – West Gippsland Arts Centre, Albert St & Smith Street, Warragul, VIC

23/02/17 – TBC – The Street Theatre, 15 Childers St, Canberra, ACT

28/02/17 – TBC – BMEC Bathurst, 105 William St, Bathurst, NSW

Free events. Bookings essential.

Source: Platform Paper 50 Forums | Currency House


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