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Darlinghurst Theatre Company is a professional theatre company that collaborates with professional theatre artists to resource and produce their production concepts. Darlinghurst work with established and emerging artists who have a track record of developing exceptional work.

Each year Darlinghurst invite artists to put forward production concepts for consideration for the company to produce and present. Darlinghurst undertake a public submission process from which Darlinghurst choose a select number of projects. Darlinghurst resource, fund and produce each of the projects and support artists’ individual practice and ways of working.

The productions that Darlinghurst develop and produce form Darlinghurst Theatre Company’s annual subscription season of shows, presented at our 200 seat theatre, Eternity Playhouse in Burton Street, Darlinghurst.

Darlinghurst Theatre Company is currently taking submissions for productions to be professionally produced for inclusion in our 2018 season.


Darlinghurst are a professional theatre company with a unique and special model of creating theatre, and place excellence and collaboration at the centre of everything Darlinghurst do. At the very heart of our company is a firm belief that theatre should promote a democracy of ideas. Darlinghurst ensure that a broad church of diverse voices is represented on our stage and Darlinghurst develop works with zeitgeist that explore our lives and challenge the world, forging a direct and powerful connection between artists and audiences.

Most unique is that the company professionally produces and fully resources production concepts proposed and put forward to our company by artists including paying our performers award wages. Each of the productions brings together a new team of outstanding artists, who present their unique artistic vision and perspectives on theatre and life. Darlinghurst offer artists the freedom to stage and tell the stories they want to tell and ensure diverse seasons of innovative, topical and exceptional theatre that connects with audiences and our world.

The types of work Darlinghurst Theatre Company produces are:

  • New Australian plays (a priority)
  • New international plays (a priority)
  • Innovative versions of classic plays
  • Innovative versions of modern classic plays
  • Innovative musicals.

All projects considered for production must display a significant level of creativity and expertise in line with the company’s core values of:

Innovation: a project must demonstrate a level of innovation within the chosen genre that it is working in.

Adventure and courage: productions are at some level, taking a risk; either artistically and/or by inviting discourse about theatre, humanity and our lives.

Excellence: the artists are professionals and are experts in their field, and aspire to achieve excellent results.

Gender Parity

The Company has a gender parity policy in the employment of artists, which means Darlinghurst will achieve gender parity in the employment of artists across our overall 2018 season including directors, playwrights, performers and creatives.

Cultural Diversity

Darlinghurst will be seeking to include works in our 2018 season that reflect Australia’s cultural diversity.


What the artist provides

The artist brings a project/script with a director attached who has a particular and distinctive vision for the production and some of the key creatives in place.

What Darlinghurst Theatre Company undertakes

Financial backing:

  • Darlinghurst Theatre Company funds the production’s budget including professional artist wages (at equity minimum) and creative fees
  • Darlinghurst Theatre Company takes the financial risk on the production.

All aspects of producing the work including:

  • securing the performance rights for the play script
  • managing the casting process
  • managing marketing of the production including design, production and distribution.
  • managing the publicity of the production
  • realising the production designs and production management
  • managing the venue and ticket sales for the production.


What to submit

  1. The play script and your reasons for wanting to stage it.
  2. Director’s vision for the production.
  3. List of creative team members and their CVs.
  4. Your preferred times in 2018 to stage the production.
  5. Contact details including phone, email and postal address.
  6. An email or notification from the writer or writer’s agent stating that the performance rights are available.

Send your submission to: Darlinghurst Theatre Company c/o Executive Producer, Glenn Terry

Email: glenn@darlinghursttheatre.com

NB: Prior to putting forward your proposal, discuss it with Glenn Terry.
Please email glenn@darlinghursttheatre.com and include a contact phone number.

Closing date: 24 April 2017.

Who will review your proposal: Glenn Terry and a Peer Member advisory panel.

Outcome: You will be notified of the outcome by 12 May 2017.


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