Are you in Regional or Remote NSW and wanting to attend ‘How Can The Show Go On? Performing Arts Wellbeing Summit’?

 A travel subsidy is available by application for those living and working in remote or regional NSW. 

Deadlines for the super-quick application have now been extended until 5pm Friday 6th October. Please get in touch with TNN if you want to apply but might have trouble meeting the deadline. 

Please click here for the guidelines and to apply.


Be a part of something better for you and our industry.



Purpose of the Travel Subsidy: Small grant for those living and/or working in Regional NSW (outside greater Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong) to assist with travel and costs associated with attending ‘How Can The Show Go On? Performing Arts Wellbeing Summit’ at Sydney Opera House on 13 November 2017.

Eligibility: To be eligible for this subsidy you must be:
1.    Working in regional NSW in November 2017, with demonstrated experience in performing or screen arts and/or wellbeing in that industry
2.    Intending to register for and attend ‘How Can the Show Go On?’ on 13 November
3.    One of the following:
a) An incorporated association, collective or company with an ABN, based in regional NSW in November 2017
b)An individual artist, arts worker or volunteer with an ABN, based in regional NSW in November 2017
c) An individual artist or arts worker in regional NSW in November 2017 able to provide a statement of supplier or with a nominated auspicing body .

Application Process:
Applications close at 5pm, Friday 6th October 2017.
You will be advised of application results by Friday, 13th October 2017.

If you have any enquiries please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Summit Producer, Jane Kreis, Theatre Network NSW at or 0409 814 067

Assessment criteria:
Your application will be assessed against the following:
–       A regional applicant
–       Evidence of commitment to working or volunteering in the NSW Performing Arts/Screen sector?
–       Evidence of commitment to applying what they will experience at the event to community/company post-attendance?
–       The capacity of the applicant/organisation to adequately manage their obligations (see approval and acquittal information) under this travel subsidy and to participate at the event?
–       Accurate budget and application form.

Approval Process:
All grant applicants will be notified of the grant outcome by 29th September.

If approved, applicants will then be provided with a Conditions of Grant form which must be returned with an Invoice or Statement of Supplier with payment instructions to bank account no later than 5pm, 31st October 2017. Payments cannot be guaranteed if this process is not carried out by the cut-off date.

Applicant to register and confirm event attendance as soon as possible.

Acquittal Process:
A simple acquittal form will be provided to you and must be submitted to TNN no later than 13 December 2017. It will ask you to:
1.    How have you or would you apply what you experienced at ‘How Can The Show Go On? to your community or work? (150-300 words)
2.    How did the event raise your awareness of the issues and resources around arts sector wellbeing? (150-300 words)
3.    Please give an overall assessment of the event. (150-300 words)
4.    Were there any unexpected outcomes and/or would you do anything differently next time?
5.    Please report against budget (as per application form) to show how the funds were spent (receipts do not need to be submitted).
6.    Please upload any images or other material (documentation relating to the project this can be written material, blogs, photographs, YouTube, etc.)

If you have any questions or require further assistance in relation to an application please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jane Kreis on
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