The Equity Foundation are running an Indy Theatre Producing workshop with Andrew Henry, of Red Line Productions.
Are you an actor who wants to move into indie theatre producing – or an actor who is already producing but wants more info?  Have you a script you are working on but don’t know how to make the next step?  Andrew Henry (Artistic Director, Redline Productions) will guide and instruct on the most effective transition from idea and first drafts to making it happen.

You do need to be a financial equity member to register. Please feel free to give me a call to check/update your membership status. 

Other Independent Theatre NSW news:

TNN’s Independent Theatre Advisory Group met for the first time in January and will continue to meet throughout the year. Current members include: Mel Carolan, Dino Dimitriadis, Peta Downes, Jane Kreis & Erica Lovell. If you’d like to find out more please get in touch with us through Jane Kreis on

The Equity Independent Theatre Committee’s Best Practice Guide Pack is now also available through Erica Lovell. If you would like to obtain the pack please get in touch with Erica on

Also…Save the date for:

  • NSW Youth Theatre Forum on 30th May; 
  • A workshop for artists on Defamation and HR matters associated with managing abuses of power and harassment on 11th April.

Both events at ATYP Studio, Walsh Bay. More information soon.

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