TNN is proud to promote NOW Australia and encourages everyone in our sector to support this industry-led initiative.

A critical part of TNN’s role is to empower and enable our sector – the NSW theatre sector and all who work across it – to feel safe and confident wherever they work.


Last year, journalist Tracey Spicer asked Australians working in the media to contact her with their #metoo stories.She received more than 1600 responses. They came from different industries and backgrounds, but they all had something in common: experiences of workplace sexual harassment, intimidation or abuse. Many expressed the shame and fear that kept them from speaking out. This must change. And it starts NOW. Spearheaded by Tracey Spicer AM, the NOW Fund will help people get the counselling and legal support they need, while creating strategies to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace for the next generation.

But we can’t do it without you.

Please donate NOW and help us spread the word.

Together, we can make our workplaces safe for everyone.


Source: NOW Australia


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