Creative Partnerships Australia has commissioned a national survey to estimate the value and significance of private sector support in the arts, and to learn about the challenges and opportunities facing arts organisations in attracting such support.

The survey has been established to collect important information from arts and cultural organisations that will give them the opportunity to benchmark their fundraising efforts, increase their understanding of private sector support on a national scale and identify areas for improvement.

The first of its kind in ten years, the survey will help articulate the importance of private support to the ongoing sustainability and resilience of the arts sector more broadly.

Creative Partnerships Australia will also use the results from the survey to develop or refine its programs and sector development activities, to better support arts organisations to secure private sector support.

The survey has been mailed out to a segment of arts companies and organisations around Australia by Wallis Market and Social Research.

f you want to speak to Creative Partnerships Australia about this study, please contact Christine Maddern, the research manager at Creative Partnerships Australia on 03 9616 0308 or

Source: New Private Sector Support Survey for arts and cultural organisations – Creative Partnerships Australia


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